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Ontario landlords want to ban smoking cannabis on their property

The situation for cannabis enthusiasts in Ontario is getting more drastic by the day, as smoking laws seem to be turning on the users themselves. Landlords in Ontario are now pushing for a right to ban smoking cannabis on their property, despite existing tenant agreements and laws.

Legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada brought on many challenges, and one of those challenges for people of Ontario this summer will be the fight against their own landlords for the right to smoke in the homes they rent.

Landlords all across Ontario are now demanding their right to be able to immediately ban the use of cannabis in rental properties before it gets legalized this summer.

The main argument of the landlords is that they should be allowed to change tenants’ existing leases in order to stop them from consuming cannabis in the units they rent.

John Dickie, president of the Canadian Federation of Apartment Associations, said that in some cases, until an existing lease runs out, landlords would be unable to regulate marijuana use in their properties.

“The province is not

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What’s Inside Your Weed Cartridge?

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Due to convenience, the weed cartridge has become one of the most popular methods of consuming cannabis. Cartridges are more discreet and easier to use than actual cannabis flowers. They don’t smell as much and there’s no need for packing, grinding or carrying a pipe. You just need a 510-thread battery and the pre-filled cartridge attached. Then depending on your battery, you either hold down a button or inhale through the mouthpiece to activate heating. This method of consumption is much more friendly to novices. It is even appealing to more seasoned cannabis consumers looking for something simple on the go.

Prefilled cartridges are one of the fastest growing segments of cannabis products. In fact, for the first time in history, the number of sold “ready-to-use” products has surpassed flowers. Due to their popularity, tons of companies are pumping out their own weed cartridge. Every company has their own formula for what to put in them. Some contain flavoring, additives and cutting agents while others claim to …

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Tips to Getting the Right CBD Oil Dosage


One of the biggest concerns with medical marijuana is getting the correct dosage of healing cannabinoids. In most oils or dried flowers, it is almost impossible to determine the amount of active ingredients in each dose. Fortunately, there is a better, more precise alternative: CBD oil.


Cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD, is a non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant. Over the past few years, medical researchers have uncovered a wealth of potential benefits of CBD. One major breakthrough revolves around using CBD as a treatment for prescription drug resistant epilepsy.


Recent clinical trials of high dose CBD products have found that treatment successfully reduced epileptic seizures in almost half of those who were treated. The strong anti-inflammatory components of CBD also show tremendous promise as a therapeutic tool. Inflammation is actually one of the leading causes of pain and contributes to a large variety of ailments.


Inflammation is thought to be the reason behind conditions such as arthritis and depression. The results of these studies sound great so far, but how do you gain access to …

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Ontario might have Amsterdam-type cannabis smoking lounges

As the provincial government keeps working on a system for both distribution and sales, the people of Ontario are presented with the opportunity to voice their thoughts on cannabis lounges.

Most provinces have not yet signed a supply agreement for their recreational cannabis markets, including the 4 biggest by population, Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia and Alberta.

Seeing how the legalization date is creeping up, the question of where will consumption of cannabis in Ontario be allowed will be answered by the public through an online survey.

Residents of Ontario will have the opportunity to weigh in on the idea until March 5.

Since Ontario’s government has decided to completely monopolize the distribution and sales of recreational marijuana, we can only assume that Ontarians will have several creative ideas which could shake up the system.

Call it little Amsterdam

The provincial government of Ontario has sent out a feedback request to the public which is centered around many big regulatory changes, one of which is the question of establishing “licensed and …

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The Purpose of Bill C-45

“Political language… is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.” – George Orwell Straight from the horse’s mouth: “The purpose of this Act [Bill C-45, cannabis legalization] is to protect public health and public safety and, in particular…” Meaning: Damn your BC Bud […]

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Many Benefits of a Marijuana Beer

Marijuana is often compared to alcohol, a substance which is legal almost everywhere. In comparison, Marijuana does not enjoy the same widespread legality that allows it to be sold or consumed. However, according to scientific research, marijuana is actually the less dangerous drug of the two. Alcohol is associated with a myriad of health and social ills. Regular consumption of alcohol could lead to liver disease, result in a serious DUI charge, or wreck normal cognitive functioning.

A Better Beer Future

However, the founder of Province Brands, Dooma Wendschuh believes marijuana could replace alcohol for the benefit of society. This company, Province Brands, is currently in the process of inventing a marijuana beer. It is not marijuana-infused beer, mind you, but an actual beer brewed using marijuana. The difference is that marijuana beer contains zero alcohol.
Mr. Wendschuh believes that a cannabis beer could have far-reaching consequences beyond selling within a niche market. The benefits could be seriously life-changing for many people. Here is a glimpse into some of the benefits marijuana beer could provide over regular grain beer:


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Expert Joints LIVE!: The Everlasting Episode

Scheduled for Jan 18, 2018 Join Craig Ex aka ‘The Expert of EXPERT JOINTS’ Thursdays at 4:20pm PT from Studio 710 for another episode of his weekly weed webcast! This week Craig hangs with, and samples products from Everlasting Extracts. We’ll hear from the Saltwater Cowboy Tim McBride too… plus a whole lot more!

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7 Ways To Blaze Without A Pipe Or Papers

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Ever find yourself with weed but no way to smoke it? Maybe you broke your pipe last week and you’re out of papers. If you’re not mobile or its too late at night, you might not be able to get to any place that sells either one. Not to worry, there are still several ways to blaze without a pipe or papers. The following methods can all be done at home without ever having to step outside or make a purchase.

Gravity Bong

If you’re really trying to get blazed, a gravity bong will get you higher than you would with a pipe or papers. We recommend making one when you’ve got a bunch of friends over and want to get as high as can be.

How To: Grab any 2-liter bottle or giant plastic jug. Cut a hole somewhere at the bottom. Carve a hole in the cap and insert a bowl made of aluminum foil.

Fill the bowl with weed and …

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Success With Cannabis Suppositories

I know. This can be awkward… for you maybe but not for me. In fact, I have seen some pretty interesting facial expressions during these conversations, undoubtedly due to my level of comfort with the topic. Oftentimes, people think I am a bit of an oddball because I publicly and actively advocate for cannabis suppositories. […]

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CBD Is Way More Effective, Safe and Efficient Than OTC Pain Medications

marijuana vs OTC

Advil, Tylenol, and Aspirin are OTC drugs commonly found in every medicine cabinet. But their benefits often mirror those reported by patients who have experimented with cannabidiol (CBD) as an alternative. News out of the UK shows that “Eastenders” star Pam St. Clements relies on CBD to manage the neck and shoulder pain she experiences from polymyalgia rheumatica. The condition causes muscle inflammation that can dramatically limit movement.

While studies on CBD, and its psychoactive partner tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), remain in the early stages, many signs point to CBD as an effective alternative to over-the-counter (OTC) drugs that see common use. Since CBD, unlike THC, is legally available throughout the United States, it may be beneficial for many sufferers.

CBD Reduces Inflammation

The hallmark of Advil, which relies on ibuprofen as its active ingredient, is its anti-inflammatory properties. Anti-inflammatory drugs speed the healing process and reduce pain by lessening the physical stresses on the tissues after an injury. The National Institutes of Health confirms that CBD also reduces inflammation, and the degree of reduction is enough to warrant considering replacing …

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